Program for viewing IP cameras

programa ver camara ip

Nivian offers a versatile and free IP camera monitoring system, both on PC and Smartphone, through two simple platforms depending on the product you use.

For home or business use, Nivian Connect, available for iOS and Android, is postulated as the ideal solution for battery-powered PoE Kits, for video playback and control in offices, shops and homes, supervising pets or children. With the possibility of remotely moving the camera lens, it has an intuitive interface in which it is possible to add cameras through the user / password input in case of PC or a single QR scan on Smartphone.

From the main panel it is possible to add as many cameras as you want, as well as see a preview and status of them. Clicking once on the image thumbnail will enlarge it to see it in full screen.

In the same way, the EseeCloud platform, through QR scanning for iOS and Android, allows you to control a video surveillance system with WiFi cameras in a simple way and suitable for any end user without the need to wire it to the recorder. The Plug & Play installation allows you to connect only the recorder to the network, so that the cameras can be seen instantly thanks to its proprietary protocol.

In addition, with EseeCloud you can view cameras that work independently thanks to its microSD slot of up to 128 GB. With the intercom function, it is possible to activate / deactivate this function through the control panel of each camera. Access your cameras anywhere and receive notifications when a suspicious movement is detected through any Smartphone, since it allows access by up to 9 different users simultaneously. Through the PC software you can program recordings adapting them to the need of each location, adjusting properties such as saturation, brightness, contrast, etc., even moving the camera remotely with a single click.

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