Types of security cameras

There are different types of security cameras, one of the ways to distinguish them is by differentiating them by their technology and by their physical appearance.

Types of video surveillance cameras (by technology)

  • Analog Cameras Analog video surveillance cameras are cameras most common on CCTV (Closed TV circuit). Currently analog recorders and cameras with HDTVI, HDCVI transmission technologies support resolutions up to 5 Mpx offering great image quality.
  • IP cameras IP cameras offer the possibility of being viewed through the internet without having a recorder to support it, the maximum resolution in IP cameras is higher than HD cameras and can offer higher image quality. Within the IP cameras, we have the ones that make the connection with ethernet cable and the Wifi IP cameras which offer the possibility of not having to wire them. Nivian cameras have Wifi so we can view live images from our mobile or PC from anywhere.

Types of security cameras (by typology)

  • Dome cameras They are hemispherical shaped chambers suitable for ceiling installation.
    • PTZ: Some dome cameras have the PTZ function, that is, they can be moved 360º remotely.
  • Bullet or tubular chambers These cameras can be installed both ceiling and wall since they include a valid support for installation in both places.
  • Cube cameras These cube-look cameras do not include the lens which will need to be attached for the camera to function properly. They have the possibility of protecting themselves with specific housings for this type of cameras.

Nivian offers within its catalog different types of security cameras, such as fake cameras, PTZ cameras, and bullet cameras with which you will have, without the need to carry out a wired installation, live images of your home or your business from anywhere in the world.

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