Security Camera Kits: Advantages, Disadvantages and Prices

cheap security camera kits

A cheap security camera kit can be the ideal video surveillance solution for your home or business, although aspects such as the technical characteristics or the number of cameras that the kit has must be taken into account, since sometimes the price is so cheap. Some kits are due to the fact that they have fewer cameras, greater complexity in their installation, lower recording quality or simply that they are second-hand.
Currently there are many manufacturers and models of cameras that offer to have real-time connection to your smarthphone or computer without the need to be in the same local network as the camera. These types of solutions allow you to view the images live, but they do not have the ability to make a recording that you can resort to in the event of a setback such as theft when you are on vacation.
From Nivian we offer a wireless security camera kit for your home or business at a very competitive price with which you can record the images and also view them live from your mobile phone.


Video surveillance kits offer a number of advantages: 

  • 100% compatibility between all its elements.
  • The security camera kits are very cheaply priced.
  • Wireless kit, which will allow a great ease of installation, without wiring.
  • Ease of use for first-time users in video surveillance.
  • Recording capacity of up to 2 months.


  • Being a closed kit, there is no possibility to change the recorder or any of the cameras in case we need a more specific one.

In short, these types of kits are ideal for installation in private homes and / or small and medium businesses, an economical and practical solution.

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