How do you know if a camera is fake?

how to know if a camera is fake

If you've ever wondered how to tell if a camera is fake, fake surveillance cameras, also known as simulated or non-operational cameras, they are simple surveillance camera housings without the internal electronics that allow the capture of images.

They are intended to serve as criminal deterrent at a very low cost and without the need for installation or maintenance since they work with AA batteries. Unlike most real cameras, whose installation tends to go unnoticed, fake cameras are often intentionally placed in a conspicuous place, so that anyone passing by perceives them and feels watched not knowing if the camera is fake or not.

The way to know if a camera is fake is to pay attention to the details of the case, some have a plastic lens that is not real enough or use little resistant materials. Nivian simulated cameras feature a authentic casing and real elements of a real video surveillance camera. They have flashing lights that appear to be recording, as well as LEDs and real wiring, and they even activate automatically when they detect movement.

To further increase this similarity, Nivian includes in its boxes a video surveillance zone sign to place on the premises and warn of the possibility of being recorded in a public area.

When looking for a video surveillance installation, a mixed installation, where the operative cameras are located in the most important places and the false ones serve as support, since nobody will know if they are false cameras or not.

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