Protection degree IP

One of the aspects to take into account when installing video surveillance cameras is the degree of protection of these. Whether it is HD or IP cameras, the way to define their protection is exactly the same for both.

A camera can be outdoor or indoor, depending on the degree of protection it has, referring to the international standard CEI 60529 Degrees of Protection for the degree of protection IP (Ingress Protection, not to be confused with the Internet Protocol IP) , which defines its resistance to ingress of dust and liquids through a 2-digit code and by the international standard CEI 62262 for the IK degree of protection, which defines its protection against external mechanical impacts. Although initially the IP protection degree had a third figure that replaced the IK protection degree, this nomenclature was not considered standard use, which is why the aforementioned standard was developed.

IP protection classes

The IP degree of protection rating is defined by an alpha-numeric code which defines its degree of protection against the penetration of dust and liquids, expressed as IPXY, where:

  • The letters "IP" identify the standard.
  • The first value "X" describes the level of protection against the ingress of dust.
  • The second value “Y” describes the protection against the entrance of liquids.

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The IK degree of protection is also represented by an alpha-numeric code of the form IKXY where, as for the IP protection degree, the first letters "IK" identify the standard, and the "XY" values represent the impact energy that they are capable of withstanding in Joules.

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