Bandwidth consumption in IP cameras

ip camera data consumption

When we consider making a IP CCTV installation, one of the aspects to take into account is the consumption of the bandwidth or data of the cameras to know which recorder is suitable for the installation.

How can I find out the bandwidth consumption of a security camera?

Most manufacturers detail the maximum bandwidth consumed by their cameras, but we can apply some general rule with which we can guide ourselves to find out what bandwidth consumption our video surveillance installation will have.

It is necessary to take into account the compression in which the cameras are capable of compressing the video, currently the most common would be to find the following compression formats:

  • H264 / H264 +- This is a standard that defines a high compression video codec. This format was created in 2003 and extended during 2010, it has been the most popular in video surveillance to date. The H264 + improves the compression of the H264, this allows a lower consumption of bandwidth and a lower consumption of hard disk when storing the video.
  • H265 / H265 + or HEVC: (High Efficiency Video Coding) is a more efficient video compression format than H264. It was born in 2014 and is beginning to spread in the world of CCTV today. This compression format saves approximately 40% in bandwidth and hard disk compared to H264 + compression. In static images there is even more difference and in H264 and H265 being able to compress the data one more 50%.

We can apply a general rule in which IP cameras have a maximum consumption of 4Mb for each Megapixel of resolution that the camera has in H264 + encoding and 3Mb for each Megapixel of resolution in H265 +.

These are indicative figures that you can apply to your installations, so you will not have problems related to the bandwidth and data consumption of your IP camera. Example:

- CCTV installation 4 cameras of 2Mpx, recorder and cameras are optimized to compress in H265 +

- 3Mb x 2Mpx = 6Mb per camera

- 4 cameras x 6Mb = 24Mb Maximum bandwidth consumption for this installation.

If you still have doubts about the data consumption of your Nivian IP camera, do not hesitate to contact us


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